Zoom Classic Nia + Myofascial Release Stretching
September 4 (Friday) at 9:00 am (GMT-07:00)

Online Class

Class length
1 hour 30 minutes
Join Nia Black Belt and holistic physical therapist Rachael R. Resch for a 20-minute rockin' Classic Nia practice, followed by 45 minutes of gentle, myofascial release stretching.  This class is great for relieving stress, realigning soft tissue and joints, and rejuvenating your body and your spirit.

Props:  If you like props when you stretch, please have them on hand - for example, yoga mat, belt, one or two pillows, towel or blanket, one or two 5-lb weights to open your hip joints, a book to stretch the fingers.  It also helps to have a sweatshirt to keep the body warm.

Myofascial stretching is a self-treatment technique that results in permanent re-lengthening of shortened, bound-down connective tissue and has the capacity to dramatically improve health and quality of life.

Schmoozing:  You're invited to a little pre-class schmoozing around 8:50 am before class begins at 9:00.  You're welcome to hang out a little after class and schmooze as well.  
You're welcome to hang out a little after class and schmooze as well.  We are stronger together.

Special 7-Week Nia Class Series: Dancing the Kabbalah Tree of Life:
From August 1 through September 18, 2020, all Nia classes with Rachael will explore the divine energy centers of the Kabbalah Tree of Life that reside in the human body - and in the Body of the World.  As we turn toward fall with the season of Lammas and the holy day of Tisha B'Av, we are invited to grow the Tree of Life from the deepest of the deeps to the highest of the heights, allowing us to arrive at Rosh Hashanah, the birthday - and the re-birth - of the whole Universe.

Week 1:  Holy Ground  •  Week 2:  Being in Relationship with All Beings  •  Week 3:  Humility + Gratitude  •  Week 4:  Sustainability + The Tao  •  Week 5:  Beauty + The Heart  •  Week 6:  Strength + Discernment  • Week  7:  Lovingkindness + Loving Kinship

Your body is holy.  Your body is a prayer.©  

We understand that this is a time of profound change for us all.
If paying the regular class price is prohibitive, please use the "Pay-by-Donation" option for any of the passes.  You can also choose to donate more.

Love your body. Love the Body of the Earth.

You are only allowed to make reservations 14 days in advance.